TelegramQ - Telegram Notifications for Google Forms™

Send notifications with Google Form response to your Telegram when a Google form is filled.

Step 1

Install the TelegramQ from Google Workspace Marketplace. Accept all the required permissions. Create a new Google Form or open an existing Google Form.

Step 2

Login to Telegram and create a bot from the BotFather. Checkout this video for how to create a bot in Telegram Click Here

Step 3

Enter Telegram Bot Token in Add-on’s popup menu and create your notification message template and test it

Step 4

That’s it. Your Google Form notification responses are now sent to your Telegram Bot.

Top Features of TelegramQ

Form response notification to Telegram

Send your form responses to Telegram.

Message Template with fields as variable

You can make a Template of a notification to customise what you want to be notified about.

Quick and easy setup

Setup process is very easy. Everything is managed from a single popup inside the form editor.

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